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HeyMath! is a proven method that makes Mathematics easy and enjoyable for every student.

Developed in formal collaboration with the University of Cambridge since 2000, HeyMath! is used in over 50 countries and provides innovative, high quality lessons and assessment resources mapped to the Indian curriculum.

At HeyMath! we support the work of teachers and believe that every student counts. As such, we collaborate with schools to make their campus a 'Center of Excellence in Maths' by

  • Three easy ways to get HeyMath! for your school

Empowering Teachers and Students

Digital Lessons are customized and fully indexed to the schools' curriculum (CBSE/CBSE-i/ICSE/IGCSE) for Classes 1 - 10. The content is structured as individual modules and among other features, includes introduction to the concepts, worked examples, practice questions with answer keys, interactive activities, and voice overs to aid in independent learning by students.

Lessons help teachers save valuable curriculum time in lesson planning and help to complete topics on time.



A comprehensive pool of Math Lab Activities cater to multiple learning abilities, and use real-world contexts and mathematical manipulative kits. The activities can be done in groups to enable peer learning.

Maths Lab manual for teachers complements the digital activities and can be referred by the teachers for planning the Math Lab session to be productive.

Professional development workshops for teachers helps them to integrate the manipulative kits effectively into teaching Mathematics.



HeyMath! Online Assessment Engine helps teachers generate tests and worksheets very quickly and easily for students. The Assessment Engine also addresses the ability spread of a class in creating a customized assignment. Further, it will help the teachers to modulate their instruction based on the assessment data by using the interactive and animated lessons resources for concept clarification.


Teachers also have access to our shared question bank - an initiative that provides access to over 40,000 questions created by real teachers from leading CBSE schools and top performing schools in Singapore.

With the Indian school education system now taking a new learner-centric approach with the introduction of CCE, HeyMath! provides a range of resources for CCE which lets the teacher incorporate formative assessment as a part of their instructional process.

Producing Results

The customer stories below tell how schools around the world use HeyMath! to get better results.


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